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Lash Perfect’s Master Artist Sara Boudreau sat down with Global News to talk about her Pay With Smile program, and the impact our hair (or hair-loss) can have on our confidence and self-esteem.

Powder Brows Training Is Here

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Learn my Signature Soft Powder Brow, a shading technique without borders.

With Sara’s signature technique, you will learn how to work with client’s natural brow hair to improve their shape, and create the most undetectable finished look.
In this course you will also learn how to achieve the Classic Ombre look, for clients who prefer a little more definition.

Payment Program

Lash Perfect is pleased to now offer a Payment Program for all Permanent Makeup services!

Available to all clients- no interest,  no credit checks. Just split the cost of your treatment into 3 simple payments.

“I believe everyone should have access to the confidence these treatments bring, and I will be pleased to work with you on a plan that suits your needs!” Simply reach out via our Contact Form below or give us a call for details.

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The Buzz Around Brows

Honestly the best experience i have ever had!! Sara was not only extremely professional but she made me feel very comfortable getting my brows microbladed. My brows look amazing and I've been getting non stop compliments.

Alexandra Lajeunesse

I just had my lashes done by Sara and I’m so happy with how they look and feel! They are so light and feels so natural. I’m very impressed with her professionalism, immaculate studio and of course my lashes. I will definitely be coming back.

JJ Sinc

Sara has waxed my eyebrows and I’ve recently had the microblading done. I honestly cannot believe how natural my eyebrows look and the fact that I finally have an amazing shape and full eyebrows and I do not have to do a thing in the morning is life changing! Sara is so talented at what she does and takes her time to perfect your service. I highly recommend Sara at Lash Perfect Canada!

Samantha Fillmore

Love my new lashes!!! and she did amazing with my brows too 🙂

Janelle Langin

I have been with Sara for a number of years now and I'm telling you she is the best Lash Technician in HRM. Thank you Sara, you always bring a smile to my face. Love my lash extensions.

Barb Wynn

Sara was absolutely awesome!! So friendly and she does such an excellent job!

Sheena Zinck

Very satisfied with product and service. Sara is great!

Linda Matthews

I was just delighted with the setting and service, and while I have had lashes done a number of times in different places, I have to say this is the first time the lashes felt completely natural.

Melinda Vinquist

Really enjoy my time at this salon, highly recommend!

Tiffannie Pothier


Soft Powder Brow
The #1 most requested service! "Powder Brow" refers to the natural result you achieve with this all-over shading technique. Characterized by soft edges, it leaves your brows looking like they are lightly filled in with a powdery finish. Best for those who want: Natural.
Includes a Follow-up session.
*A booking deposit is required*
Follow-Up Appointment
All Semi-Permanent Make-up treatments are a 2-part process! Whichever technique you chose, you will likely need a Follow-up session to perfect your new look. If needed, this session is done 8 - 12 weeks after your initial appointment.
Color Refresh
$300 & up
The Color Refreshment is typically done around 12 - 24 months for Powder Brows, but the price may vary based on how long it's been since your last session. Please see booking page for more info.
Online Consultation
We know you're busy! That's why we offer complimentary online consultations to assess your brows through photos to save you a trip to the studio.
Live Consultation
For those who prefer an in-studio consultation.
Saline Tattoo Lightening/Lifting
For those with unwanted Permanent Make-up/Microblading on the brows. Saline treatments will lift and lighten the old pigment to make room for an improved shape/color. The number of treatments required vary based on individual history of tattooing but a commitment to at least 3 treatments is preferred.
*Price is per session*

Meet Your Artist

Sara Boudreau


Sara is a Master Esthetician with 17 years experience. Always a perfectionist and detail-oriented, she takes pride in giving every client the best service possible and making sure her work is flawless every time. She is a PhiBrows Microblading Artist & Permanent Make Up Artist, and is passionate about upgrading her skills and staying on top of the lastest innovations in the industry.

“My  favorite thing about my work is the opportunity to connect with people. I love seeing the smile on their faces when they see their new brows, and the glow of confidence they radiate when leaving my studio. That is the best reward I could ask for, and keeps me striving to give my absolute best in each and every service.”

Permanent Make Up Artists

Permanent Make Up, including Microblading and Powder Brows, is not a skill picked up by just anyone. It takes time and practice to master. PhiBrows Artists have trained for 6 months directly under PhiBrows Masters, and not everyone who takes the course graduates to the title of Artist. It is a distinction that means you can feel comfortable knowing your technician is well-trained in all aspects of the treatment, including safe & sanitary practices. On top of the technical skills, they have also shown an aptitude for the artistic aspect of creating realistic shading patterns, which blend in beautifully with your natural hair growth.

I personally have created a technique which mimics the natural hair growth and density, in order to create a “done but not done” look to your brows. Most clients say they have received many compliments on their brows, without anyone actually realizing it was Permanent Makeup!

High Quality Pigment

Using the best quality pigments will make a drastic impact on the color of the pigment through the healing process, as well as the 1-3 years that the microblading and powder brow results last. 

At Lash Perfect we use only PhiBrows & Permablend Pigments. These pigments fade true to color, meaning NO blue, orange, purple, or red undertones as they fade. Also they will not “blur” or spread under the skin as cheap, lesser quality pigments do.

What Are Powder Brows?

A Powder Brow is the art of manually depositing pigment just under the surface layer of the skin in tiny pixels, to create the most soft and natural results.

The pigment is implanted much more superficially under the skin than a regular tattoo so it will fade over time. Depending on your skin type and care, it will fade slowly over 12-36 months. To maintain the results a Refreshment is recommended, typically once every 12-24 months.

What Is The First Step?

An Online consultation (through messaging or email) is required prior to having this service. This consists of your answering relevant health-related questions to ensure it is safe for you to have the treatment done. You will be asked to provide clear and up close photos of your brows (without makeup) and we will discuss your goals for the treatment. A live consultation is also available for a fee.

What Can I Expect During My Service?

We’ll begin your appointment with a pre-draw where I will fill your brows with pencil to give you a preview of the new shape and color. We will then take measurements according to the morphology of your face to determine symmetry and perfect the shape. This is how we achieve the most natural brow for you.

You will approve the final shape before we begin the treatment. Next, I will chose a color based on your natural hair color and skin tone, and your impression of the pre-draw.

We will apply numbing cream to the area. I prefer to layer the color in lightly, and gradually build it up. This is usually accomplished in 3-4 passes over the brows. I will re-apply numbing cream between each pass to keep you comfortable.

What Happens During The Follow-Up?

A Follow-Up is required around 8 weeks after initial treatment. During your Follow-Up, the artist will fill in any patches that have been lost in the healing process. After this your new brows are finally complete!

Are There Risks With Powder Brows?

Powder Brows should only be done by a certified and experienced professional. This procedure takes an investment of time to master.

Powder Brows at Lash Perfect is preformed using the highest quality tools and pigments to ensure your safety and optimal long-term results. Your Artist will thoroughly explain the aftercare procedures so you get the best results from this service.

At Lash Perfect the strictest standards of hygiene are met, in accordance with Health Canada guidelines. Single-use, disposbable tools and pigment containers are used for each individual client, procedure and visit.

*Remember, Powder Brows is a form of tattooing, do your research when choosing a technician to preform this service!*

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