Lash Perfect Does Perfect Brows Too!

Master Esthetician Sara Boudreau has been shaping brows for nearly 15 years. With so much experience, (and an obsession with perfection,) Microblading was the natural choice for a more permanent option to offer her clients. Sara is the only PhiBrows Certified Artist in Halifax, and takes great pride in giving her clients the "wake up-and-go" brows that they've always wanted.

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Sara Boudreau is a Master Esthetician with over a decade of experience. 

Always a perfectionist and detail-oriented, she takes pride in giving every client the best service 

possible and making sure her work is flawless every time.

She is a PhiBrows Microblading Artist & Lash Extension Specialist, 

who operates from her own beautiful Studio in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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